Circular Economy Logistics Platform

The Waste Management Platform that unites your community.

Our CEL platform can be customized to improve waste collection efficiency, implement waste sorting programs, increase community accountability and expand your pollution prevention workforce.

Learn how we can get to zero waste together.

Fleet Management

Track your fleet of drivers and give them the tools to become more efficient.

  • Fleet Routing
  • Activity Tracking
  • Vehicle Health Monitoring

Sorting Incentives & Penalties

Using the One Habitat Community Waste Application you can implement sorted waste stream collections.

    Addition Features:
  • Issue fines for contaminated recyclables
  • Distribute refunds or rewards for properly sorted waste.
  • Track waste by material types to learn where investments should be made.

Fleet Expansion Program

Using the One Habitat Community Waste Application we can push job listings out to community members for collections and cleanups. We can also reach out to hazardous waste disposal specialists across our network.

Recycling Network

Our recycling network is powered by the circular economy platform. Tracking and routing waste streams to storage facilities and businesses is the last link in the logistics chain. The recycling network provides the needed infrastructure to not only help your community transition into the circular economy but it also creates new business and job opportunities.

Check out franchise opportunities in the recycling sector.

  • TerraCycle.
  • EcoATM
  • More coming soon

Community Watch Application

Pollution Prevention powered by Community Watch

Our Community Watch Application gives community members the ability to report illegal dumping activities, overflowing garbage bins, graffiti, and infrastructure problems.

Join the Smart Cities
movement with IoT

Using fullness monitoring and item detection you can save money on waste collection costs, improve the sorting of waste, reduce street sweeper costs, and get the full picture of your communities waste production.