Pollution Assessments

Hazardous Waste Analysis

Using cutting edge technologies we are able to identify the composition of surface level materials. This information can give you insights into dumpsite activities that are impacting the surrounding ecosystems, ground water, and air quality.

Actionable Insights

Illegal Dumpsite Identification

Identify illegal dumping hotspots. We can help you create a strategy to prevent further damage to the surrounding ecosystems.

Cleanup Mobilization

Using the One Habitat Community Waste Application we can push job listings out to community members for cleanup efforts. We can also reach out to hazardous waste disposal specialists across our network when necessary.

Prevent Illegal Dumping

with our Community Watch Application

Our Community Watch Application gives community members the ability to report illegal dumping activities, overflowing garbage bins, graffiti, and infrastructure problems.

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Join the Smart Cities
movement with IoT

Using fullness monitoring and item detection you can save money on waste collection costs, improve the sorting of waste, reduce street sweeper costs, and get the full picture of your communities waste production.