Why One Habitat?

One Habitat Foundation is a registered 501.c3 non-profit organization focused on providing waste management logistics services to developing communities rich and poor. Our mission is to end environmental pollution using, science, technology, and education. We operate our organization as a business selling software as a service.

Funding underserved communities

Our for-profit partner One Habitat Technologies is focused on the development of Polltuion Monitoring for fSmart Cities. OneHabitat.tech assists the development of impoverished communities by donating profits directly to the foundation as a means of supporting communities that can not currently afford the services or infrastructure.

Q & A

The One Habitat Logistics Platform makes it easy for businesses to purchase recyclable materials directly from a community's waste stream. This is accomplished by transferring a percentage of these sales to homeowners in the form of incentives and rewards for sorting their waste. The platform also empowers municipalities to issue fines for unsorted waste, which in turn strengthens the incentives to sort waste at its source. The collection of these sorted recyclables is accomplished by paying local transporters a fair wage to collect specific materials and deliver them to the appropriate location. Reuse of packaging is accomplished using the RFID packaging platform at Learn more at OneHabitat.tech

The One Habitat Platform currently targets all household products except for hazardous chemicals. We hope to offer hazardous waste and medical waste collection services as our revenue increases.

One of the most challenging hurdles a product or service must overcome is apathy. Our next biggest barrier is affordability, specifically because we are targeting developing communities with low income. To overcome these barriers, One Habitat Foundation is currently working directly with municipalities. Our Business-to-Government business model makes it much easier for us to get community members to adopt the technology. However, we do not strictly rely on this business strategy as we also provide independent drivers the tools to start their own businesses. We help these independent drivers market their services directly to residents and businesses. How we are working with the local governments: The Trash Route Platform provides the publicly funded garbage collection service freemium software tools that can be used on a mobile device or desktop computer. These tools address key pain points for the municipality and provides the tools needed to increase revenue through fines. This helps us distribute the application to community members and increases awareness about changing waste management policies. Why working with the local government helps increase adoption: Working with the local government reduces our marketing and distribution cost because the existing garbage collectors distribute flyers and issue fines that prompt the local community to download the application.

If there currently is not, a garbage collection service run by the government we try to establish one by working with the local government agencies. If that is not possible then we first try to find existing service providers and if necessary hire new drivers to distribute information about the sorting service so that these entrepreneurs can start their own businesses.

We have projected that residents would need to pay a minimum of $1.45 per pick up for the private drivers to make a fair wage. This number could be reduced with increased availability of electric or compressed air collection vehicles.

Fines and rewards help reduce the pervasiveness of apathetic attitudes.

Consumers are able to request pickups and file complaints using simple smart phone application. Municipalities are able to track driver activities with a simple web interface and smart phone application. The municipalities and garbage collectors are able to issue fines for large items and unsorted waste.

In many countries the current process involves dumping waste into ecosystems or burning it in a 50 gallon drum. Capturing the waste stream and processing it properly reduces the release of many poisonous gases as well as greenhouse gases. For example, organic waste left to rot releases methane and burning waste releases poisonous dioxins, acidic gases, and heavy metals. Reducing the amount of waste incinerated is our goal and in order to do this, we will be marketing materials to recyclers and organizations that can process or utilize these resources.

In our first phase of development our target customers include municipalities, residents, business owners, and recyclers in Mexico as well as the Philippines. Once we complete our initial launch phase, we will be marketing to the contacts I acquired at the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco. I am in contact with the president of the EPA in Buenos Aires, Argentina and the mayoral committee in Johannesburg, South Africa.

During our initial field testing, we found that in many cases the drivers had no oversight which resulted in drivers only working 3 to 4 hours per day. As a result, the garbage collectors are only able to visit homes once a month in some parts of town. This is a big pain point for residents because dogs get into the trash bins and make a mess. The government also wants to reduce the burning of trash because it causes many health issues. Trash Route provides a better system for managing the waste by reducing costs, increasing efficiency and introducing material recycling opportunities.

We have identified Rubicon Global as our closest competitor with respect to features offered. However they currently do not serve low income communities and the developing world. Companies that may become competition include Waste Management, Republic Waste Services, Binners.com, gotrashy.com, Nordsense. They currently target developed communities and are not providing the same services that we provide.

We have the advantage of being a registered non-profit 501.c3 public charity which reduces our drive for short term profits and increases our desire to solve problems.

In some regions internet access is limited, slow, and expensive.

Our business model scales very quickly and easily because it is a software as a service. We simply need to translate the applications into the native language in order to move into new countries. We have broken our database into shards so that we can cost effectively deliver data by country and region.

    Short Term:
  • Empower environmental clean ups Establish sorting programs in 500 communities by 2022
  • Establish organic waste recycling in 150 communities by 2022

  • Long Term:
  • Help communities capture 99% of household waste by 2030
  • Deliver 90% of household waste to recycling facilities by 2030
  • Reduce the cost of using recycled materials by 80%
  • Stop environmental pollution generated by household, business, and medical waste streams.

I am most concerned about our ability to find waste management and recycling facilities near some towns. In some cases we may need to work with other agencies to address this issue.

The Trash Route Logistics Platform scales very easily and can create jobs for hundreds of thousands of people. It has the ability to change the dialogue surrounding waste, create entrepreneurial opportunities and increase the quality of life people have in countries all around the world.

Scientific Methods

Why field work is Important to us.

By going out into the field we are able to identify problems by talking with locals about what their biggest pain points are. This face to face interaction provides us with valuable insights. You can watch a mini documentary of the field work we did in Puerto San Carlos.

Pollution Analysis

We utilize the cutting edge technology to analyze dumpsites and the impact they have on ecosystems surrounding your community. We are also able to inspect the habitats surrounding your community and help you identify illegal dumping activities. Through out this analysis we identify hazardous materials and can even provide communities the tools to mobilize cleanup efforts.

Mobilizing Cleanups

Mobilizing cleanups was a part of the first project we undertook at One Habitat Foundation. Hiring locals to participate in the cleanup efforts helps start the dialog about the problems these communities are facing.

Research Driven

Our solutions are based not only on field research but also scientific literature review. We are constantly reviewing the state of the industry and have compiled a list of news articles and publications as a reference.

Interested in our latest research.

Research Catalog
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