Pollution Management Powered by IoT

Efficiency that scales.

Inorder to reduce infrastructure management costs cities are now leveraging the IoT movement all around the world.

Leverage our Platform to integrate and unite IoT infrastructure in your community.

Waste Bin Monitoring.

Basic Waste Sensors

Our basic sensor identifies when the bin is full.

Sorting Stations

Our sorting sensors uses Smart Technology to map the waste item to the consumer. It then identifies the waste as it enters the bin, notifying the consumer when they have placed the incorrect materials into a particular bin and rejecting the waste deposit if it doesn't match the recycling parameters. If the waste was correctly disposed of the system issues a reward or refund directly to the consumers account.

Protecting your quality of life together.

Pollution Monitoring

Track the discharges from businesses that are known polluters in your community.

  • Site Monitoring
  • Customizable Sensor Arrays
  • Onsite Inspection & Reporting Toolkit
Easy to understand Analytics - Driven by Machine Learning

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