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The Global Problem

Limited access to waste collection
& sorting services.

In many regions around the world waste collection is not consistent or do not exist. The same is true about sorting programs. This makes it impossible for these smaller communities to transition into a circular economy and stop dumping waste into their surrounding environment. An unfortunate example of this can be seen in the ancient city of Rome! You would expect that Rome of all places would not have this problem.

Inefficient collection logistics
& waste stream tracking.

After spending many months in the field and interviewing waste management stakeholders, we found that many communities offering garbage collection services have no way to track and manage their fleet. This has led to inefficiencies in waste collection and prevents these communities from implementing waste sorting at the household level.

What does the research tell us?

Milan Case Study
In Milan residents are required to
sort trash or face a financial penalty.

"Milan may be the fashion capital of the world, but the Italian city has more than one string to its bow, boasting one of the highest recycling rates in Europe – and an organic waste collection available to all."

South Korean Case Study

In south korea you must pay to dispose of your waste by the pound & residential waste is only collected if it is sorted. See the impact this has had on not only the recycle industry but also illegal dumping.
According to the World Economic Forum despite the illegal dumping South Korea has managed to achieve a recycling rate of 95% of food waste. Considering biodegradable waste makes up nearly 50% of waste produced in most countries this is a valuable accomplishment.

Our Research Driven Solution

Waste stream recycling that scales in any community!

Waste Collection Logistics
Driver Metrics

Track your drivers, get metrics on inactivity and collection coverage across your service area. Reduce coverage costs seamlessly with our app, by expanding your fleet using independent contractors.

Free for the first driver.

Waste Sorting
Penalties & Incentives

Learn how your government or business can leverage our logistics platform. Start delivering incentives to your community for sorting waste before it enters the waste bin.

Recycling Network
Materials Marketplace

By mandating waste sorting through out your community, you empower businesses to utilize waste streams in more efficient ways.

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Smarter Trash Collection

with IoT enabled Sensors and Systems.

Join the Smart Cities
movement with IoT

Using fullness monitoring and item detection you can save money on waste collection costs, improve the sorting of waste, reduce street sweeper costs, and get the full picture of your communities waste production.

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